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Teatro: Seminyak, Bali – Jan 12, 2014

Excellent kitchen, perfect execution, courteous, polite table staff.

Prices are more expensive than listed on the website.   This was ten course tasting + amuse + mignardises without wine pairings for 1250k IDR (about USD$103) . With wine pairings it would have been about double.  Wine is weirdly expensive in Bali.

It was nice to see the “upscale dining” side of Bali after a lot of the local street food.  Seminyak has a ton of fancy pants upscale dining establishments that would be interesting to try.  At the high end, it’s food for foreigners at foreigner prices.  In contrast no deposit bonus codes 2018, you can eat in the street for as low as 10k IDR (about USD$0.80) and get a pretty tasty meal.



Fancy menu cover. As good a place to start the photo show as any.



Sunny Side Up Quail Egg on Crostini With Bacon Butter

Basically really tasty, tiny breakfast amuse bouche. Crostini was perfectly crunchy with a little bit of chewiness in the middle. Bacon bits in the butter that was slathered on the crostini. The bacon was, well, bacony and delicious.



Peking Duck Bun

A tiny Chinese style bao, black from the inclusion of squid ink in the dough, stuffed with duck, topped with a drop of hoisin.  The bun was charcoal black and perfectly soft, but not mushy. Tiny drop of hoisin was perfect and not overwhelming as hoisin can so often be.



Chili Pepper and Sea Salt Butter with Rye

Underwhelming, but we weren’t really here for the bread and butter. The butter was excellent, but the chili pepper didn’t really come through. The rye bread was average at best, and easily the most boring component of the night. I would have expected better bread given how much attention to detail was paid to every other element of the meal. If you’re coming to Teatro for the free bread, I would recommend another establishment. If, however, you’re going for the amazing 18 plate tasting menu, you’re in the right place.



Fennel and Garlic Soup with Cauliflower Croquette

Very buttery and creamy, but the frothiness makes the soup feel lighter. The cauliflower “croquette” was really just a perfectly broiled piece of cauliflower.  Delicious, well balanced.

One interesting thing to note was that all the dishes at this point were perfectly sized.  The soup here was excellent, but richer with every spoonful.  I remember thinking that if there were any more, it may have gotten too rich, but they gave just enough to saturate my palate with this flavor.



Bedugul Tomato Confit

A local tomato confit served with a chilled, poached tomato, beet, arugula, really good balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Acidity and sweetness were a nice, fresh reprieve from the creamy fennel soup that preceded this course.



Foie Gras “en Terrine”

2 pieces of foie gras with a sangria gelee topping. The sangria gelee was interesting, but easily overwhelmed by the flavor of the foie gras. Alone, the sangria gelee had a sweetness and an interesting bitterness. It’s not clear to me that it was important to be *sangria* gelee so much as “sweet red wine flavored” gelee. One was topped with a strawberry, the other with a candied marcona almond.  Very generous portions, and again just the perfect amount to not make you feel overwhelmed by the richness.



Tuna Toro Tartare

Fatty tuna, wrapped in cucumber strips, served with a sweet and spicy vinaigrette. High quality ingredients, but I think its a waste to cut up toro like this. The smooth, creamy richness of good tuna toro is highlighted by big pieces. Chopping it up basically takes away from the awesomeness of the marbling (I have the same rant about kobe beef burgers). Another miss here was that the put the sauce inside the cucumber roll as well, which slightly obscured the subtleness of the tuna (tuna doesn’t have that strong of a flavor). I’d have preferred a lighter touch on the preparation, but I think this is something that most customers would enjoy.

Again, nice menu construction by the kitchen.  The acidity of the viniagrette and the crisp, coolness of the cucumber (and the celery curl in the back of the photo) act as a nice counterpoint and reset the palate after the foie gras course.



Pan Seared Atlantic Scallop

Served with a cannelle of edamame relish, a soy braised daikon slice, avruga caviar, and sabayon. Beautiful plating, I was really excited by this dish. Scallop was perfect. Edamame was a bit mushy and I don’t understand the selection as a complement to the scallop, but I like edamame so it was still good. The braised daikon was too salty.  Not inedibly so, but definitely out of balance with the dish. This was the *ONLY* item in the whole meal that I felt was definitely overseasoned.  Seemed like they just dropped too much soy or salt in their braising liquid and didn’t taste the resulting daikon.  Avruga “caviar” is a synthetic “caviar” that doesn’t actually have fish roe at all.  It’s herring, squid ink, water, and some stablizers that are made into balls, probably by some sort of spherification process that the molecular gastronomy folks use.  It’s fishy (because it’s fish, duh), but it doesn’t have the same crunchy outside shell with briny insides that actual fish roe tends to. I personally think kitchens use this because restaurant goers don’t know this and the deep black color makes them feel like they are getting some rich caviar. Still a tasty dish, generally careful execution by the kitchen, but not a fan of the dish design.



Pineapple Sorbet with Pineapple Lemongrass Foam

Garnished with a dehydrated pineapple flower. Excellent pineapple sorbet in the bottom of this sea of foam. Foams don’t excite me, but this was as good a foam as any other.  The lemongrass bits that you see on top of the foam were too strong for the light flavor of the foam.



Coral Trout Topped with Panko

Served with blackened cassava root, baby ferns, broiled cauliflower florets and coconut curry.  I’m a sucker for coconut curry and fish, so this was a huge win.  Also the charred cassava root was awesome — creamy inside, burnt and charry and bitter on the outside.



“Pekin Duck Two Ways”

The menu said this was “Pekin Duck Two Ways”, but it’s clearly not. Pan seared duck breast with beetroot orange sauce, with lentils and celeriac puree. Perfectly cooked duck, but came out a bit colder than it should have.  At this point in the meal we realize that the chef either really likes beets or won a a fridge full of beets in a contest recently and is trying to unload them on his diners.



Kiwami 9+ Beef Cube Roll.

Okie. This is the “holy shit are you serious?!” dish of the night. Kiwami 9+ beef is basically awesome Wagyu. Think the marbliest of marbley beefs.  It was pretty red, and some people might like it a little less so, We did ask for it medium rare, so that could be a kitchen misstep.  Center was slightly warm, arguably needed a little more time to get to medium rare, but it was perfect for me.

And what’s that? A *huge* piece of smoked, seared foie gras on top of the delicious, unctuous wagyu cut? This was a very generous cut.  Foie is amazing.

This course was really rich. I love foie and I love fatty steaks so I was in bliss, but reasonable humans who want to live past next week without heart problems would have a case for claiming this dish was too rich. The kitchen wasn’t even *trying* for balance on this one. Every element on the plate is rich, creamy, buttery, and unctuous.



Simple Lime Sorbet

A necessary palate cleanser after the beef course.  This was actually not included in the menu, but when we found out that the next course was lamb, we asked to take a break between the 2 red meats and requested a palate cleanser. A light, citrusy 10 minute respite between heavy meat courses.



Lamb Rack

Lamb medium rare, served with eggplant caponata, sweet potato and beet root puree, and charred leeks.  Awesome, but at this point I’m stuffed and ready to change gears away from proteins. Very happy that dessert is next.



Flourless Valrhona Chocolate Cake

Quite fudgey, dense, but small. Served with vanilla gelato, hazelnut crumbles, and tart red raspberry gelee drops.



Banana Bread, Glazed Mango, Toasted Meringue



Oatmeal Cookie, Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, Graham Cracker Crumble


Dark chocolate bon bon shell filled with liquid caramel

I usually think things like this are too sweet, but the caramel was just perfect.  Not too sweet.


* * *


So, you know… Just another average Sunday night dinner…