By Mikhail Botvinnik, Bernard Cafferty, Sam Sloan

Mikhail Botvinnik gained the realm Chess Championship in 1948 and held the name with breaks until eventually 1963. Botvinnik introduced his retirement from chess in 1970. This ebook covers the full interval while Botvinnik was once global Chess Champion. Of the good postwar chess avid gamers, one determine sticks out exceptionally others - the Soviet grandmaster, Mikhail Botvinnik. aside from one-year interludes this devoted electric engineer was once global champion for fifteen years - from 1948 to 1963; at the moment party that he regained his name - from Tal - he was once in his 50th yr. It was once no longer, although, till 1970 that he introduced his “official retirement” from overseas festival. “Chess”. wrote Botvinnik, “is an paintings which illustrates the wonderful thing about logic.” He couldn't abide error which spoiled the great thing about the sport, and the key of his luck was once thorough instruction and regimen, which totally justified his personal self-confidence - and that have been systematically followed by means of the Soviet college. In managed positional play, Botvinnik used to be an incomparable virtuoso - as Bronstein, Smyslov, and Tal, between many others, chanced on. specifically, he used to be a perfectionist. Prefaced via a quick biography, this quantity - the 1st ever released in English offers over a hundred of Botvinnik's most sensible video games over the interval 1947 to 1970. approximately the entire annotations are via Botvinnik himself, and so they display the characteristics that received him the champion's name. Botvinnik's most sensible video games is, might be, the phenomenal number of the last decade.

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As will be seen from what follows, this sacrifice guarantees White a very strong attack, probably sufficient to win. B x P+ 22 Kx B 23 Q- R 3+ K-N l ! If 2 3. . K-N 3 24 N x QP B-Ql 25 N-N4! Black's king position is very awkward because of the threat N-Q3-K5+. 24 N x QP B-Ql N-B3 P-N6 25 26 N x N+ PxN In this interesting p osition the correct continuation was 27 R-KN2 R-K l (or 2 7 N-K2 28 P-Q5 with a strong attack ) 2 8 P - N 7 N-B 2 2 9 R- B 3 and after 29 . . R-Q8 1 30 B-N2 ( 30 B-Q2 . • .

Black can no longer prevent P-K4 as the usual counter blow P - B 4 has been rendered difficult for him in this given position. B-K2 13 N-Q2 14 QR-K l no be tter was Probably 1 4 . . P-B4 1 5 P x P B x P 1 6 QB x N P x B 1 7 N - Q4 or 14 . . P-KR3 1 5 B x P P x B 1 6 B x N. RxB BxB 15 N-B3 16 N-N 3 17 Q-B 2 B- K 3 BxN N-B5 18 In this game Black goes halfway to meet his opponent. N ow the white bishop will occupy a very fine position and the advance P-K4 can be realised straight away. 19 Bx B Q-N 3 20 P-K4 PxP Black opens the game so as to get some counterchances bµt at the time White's active same possibilities are also improved.

Favou r). H o wever he still waits - suppose After the text Black loses the White should n o w chance to p lay initiative and no longsr has any 3 1 K-Q2 N - R 4 ! 32 R - B 3 R x R compensation for his doubled pawn 33 K x R R -B 1+ 34 K -N2 N - N 5 and the opponent' s two bishops. 3 5 N x N B x N w h e n Black h a s an K-Bl B-N 2 24 obvious advantage. N-B3 P- KN4 25 '3 1 KR-Ql N- R4 Bronstein c ontinues to play a The simp lest way to draw. waiting game - a policy whjch had 32 RxR Rx R brought him s uccess in a whole R- B l 33 series o f earlier game s in the match, The only defenc;ie.

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