By Mikhail Botvinnik

International Chess Champion Mikhail Botvinnik writes the tale of the 1963 fit within which he misplaced his name to fellow Russian Tigran Petrosian. Botvinnik, one of many maximum chess gamers of all time, analyses the video games, finds his fit technique and reviews at the strategic offerings of his opponent. Botvinnik?s revealing essay: ?Why In misplaced the fit? is counterbalanced by means of Petrosian?s research of his win, that is additionally incorporated during this very important historic record. a desirable and hugely instructive file.

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Indeed, what plans can there be, when the play until now has been planless! 23. 0-0-0 fS-f5 SS B o t v i n n i k - P e t ro s i a n Already an 'interesting development' ! In his pre-match predictions, D. Bronstein wrote that Petrosian would not concede Botvinnik so much as 'a quarter of a square' , yet here he gives away a whole square. And what a square it is - the cen­ tral one on eS ! Obviously, Petrosian was every bit as aware of this concession as were the inhabitants of the Press Room. His idea consisted in the fact that the ad­ vance of the f-pawn would create a weakness in White's camp, at e3 .

TLldS deserves preference, as my opponent played in the 1 6th game of the match. 1 2. �c1 -gS A small surprise, which the future World Champion did not immediate as­ sess correctly. tLleS (see, for example, the game Botvinnik-Alatortsev, Leningrad 1 9 3 2) , after which Black can equalize 48 ... �c8-d7 This loses a pawn in surprising fashion. Possibly stronger is I 2 . . tLlfdS , as Petrosian played against Reshevsky in 1 9 7 0 ; there followed 1 3 . tLleS tLlf6 1 7 . 'iff4 with equal chances.

F4 White obtains good play, since he has driven away the enemy knight. 22. 23. 1. • ,. ,� -� 23 . 24. 'ifxa7 was danger­ ous, because after 2 5 . . g5 Black imme­ diately creates a dangerous attack, and he would always be guaranteed a draw. Therefore, Petrosian tries to close the long diagonal. 24. bS-b51 But Black seizes the diagonal a8-h l all the same, although the resulting ex­ change of b- and e-pawns reduces the 60 sharpness of the battle in the endgame that arises. 25. l:td1 xdS+ 'ii'e 7xdS 2S.

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