By Elie Agur

First, why you this booklet should be for you.

The strengths of this booklet is the method of learning the play of Fischer. The approach hired within the improvement of this ebook is unusual and extremely potent to truly study the features of a private taking part in variety. The research and dialogue is perfect for a constructing (but no longer inevitably already powerful participant) regularly. The concerns in interpreting Fischer's kind may be utilized to any chess grasp that one could study.

Why did the ebook drop to 3 stars?

The research is common too superficial to supply any actual deep perception into the positions. This probably as a result of energy of the writer (FIDE approx. 2250). He definitely does a greater task at explaining positions than yes GMs which are simply "mailing" of their research, yet does not come at any place close to with regards to the pinnacle chess writers equivalent to Beim, Marin and Soltis (and convinced others). there are various occurences the place video games finish with the remark "and then it's Fischer's technique". The booklet is set approach however the writer by no means particularly "gets" that Fischer's method and protecting skills allowed Fischer to make competitive judgements. certain, he alluded to this in lots of sections, yet no synthesis used to be supplied to actually supply an image of why Fischer's skill used to be so dominate in his run opposed to the Soviets. this sort of dialogue could have superior the e-book significantly. in its place, the e-book is selection of attributes characterizing a taking part in sort with often 4 or 5 examples. My major challenge is that the majority examples and features should be came upon for many best GMs. the writer did little or no to distinction the effectiveness Fischer's variety opposed to the avid gamers of his time or maybe the gamers as much as the booklet date.

In end ...

If you are an aspiring enhancing participant, this e-book is an engaging and instructive learn yet do your individual homework! struggle through a booklet like Soltis' Fischer Rediscovered and positively learn Bobby Fischer's My Sixty such a lot Memorable video games. simply forget about the truth that the attributes are hugely similar and sometimes an merchandise like "timing" can't be disconnected from the entire different features and possibly isn't mentioned at its personal subject.

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