By Terrance Dicks

Dekker is a personal eye; a decent one. but if Al Capone hires him to enquire a brand new joint referred to as 'Doc's', he understands this can be one activity he cannot refuse. And simply why are the health care provider and Ace promoting unlawful booze in a city choked with murderous gangsters?
Meanwhile, Bernice has been deserted on a vampire-infested planet outdoor basic area. There she meets a mysterious stranger known as Romanadvoratrelundar -- and discovers an historical and malevolent strength, linking 1929 Chicago with a lair of immortal evil.

The results of this tale are inextricably associated with occasions within the Doctor's previous.

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The front window of the restaurant disappeared in a shower of broken glass. 7 THE ATTACK By now everyone in the restaurant was yelling their head off. Capone, who'd hit the deck at surprising speed for a guy his size, turned his head and bellowed, "Everybody down, down flat! " There sure was. Bullets poured into the restaurant in a steady stream, smashing plates and glasses and cups. The tommy-guns stitched neat lines of bullet holes in the walls. Bullets smashed wood-panelling into splinters and brought plaster crashing down from the ceiling.

She uncovered an immensely long straight bone, the equivalent of the ulna in the human arm. But the radius, the bone that should be connected to it, was missing. Some scavenging animal perhaps? Bernice fished out a magnifying glass and studied the bone. The ligaments connecting ulna to radius were not torn but severed, cut through with a sharp tool. Bernice was outraged. Not only was she not the first, which was quite bad enough, but the site had been desecrated, vandalized! A potentially priceless specimen had been ruined.

Doc leaned forward, suddenly interested. " Al shrugged. " Something kinda funny struck me. Right from the start this had been a meeting of equals. Which was ridiculous when you came to think about it. Here was Doc, new in town, running one small joint with just Ace and Happy for back-up. No, Ace and Happy and me, I realized. Somehow I'd already chosen sides. And there was Al Capone, the Big Fellow who controlled speakeasies and gambling joints and cat-houses all over Chicago. Capone who owned politicians and cops, who could put an army of killers on the streets.

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