By Ramón Carmona, Alberto Domezain, Manuel García Gallego, José Antonio Hernando, Fernando Rodríguez, Manuel Ruiz-Rejón

Sturgeons are thought of “living fossils”, sharing many morphological and organic gains with ancestral fish. in addition, sturgeons are of the maximum curiosity from an financial standpoint, not just for the caviar yet for the flesh. in spite of the fact that, the wild populations of nearly all of the species are at critical danger of extinction world wide. So, it really is pressing to increase suggestions for either farming tradition and conservation and restoration in ordinary habitats.

This e-book presents a complete view of the biology and sustainable improvement of sturgeons placing emphasis at the Southern Europe autochthonous species resembling Acipenser nacarii and Acipenser sturio that proportion geographical distribution. different correct species (such as Huso huso, A. oxyrhinchus, A. ruthenus, A. stellatus) and components (Germany, Russia, North the USA) also are thought of. The contents are organised in 3 sections: Taxonomy and Biogeography (including the morphological and genetic analyses that make clear the taxonomy and phylogeny of sturgeons, thinking about these from Southern Europe), Biology and Aquaculture (where a number of facets of the developmental biology, feeding, and replica are thought of with regards to the advance of sturgeon farming), and restoration and Conservation (that collates and analyses varied restoration study activities, the ecology of the rivers for recovery in addition to the issues on the topic of the alternate of caviar).

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Thus, we have found evidence for the presence of A. naccarii in the Guadalquivir river in the Iberian Peninsula and in some rivers in Italy from the Tyrrhenian/Ligurian side, as well as for the presence of A. oxyrinchus in the Ebro river in Spain. Our studies clarify the distribution of sturgeon species in the Western Mediterranean and open new perspectives for recovery plans. M. A. Garrido-Ramos, R. R. R. Rejón Departamento de Genética (Facultad de Ciencias), Universidad de Granada, 18071 Granada, Spain E.

In our experience, these types of sequences have been demonstrated to be 2 Analysis of Mitochondrial and Nuclear DNA Markers 31 successful markers for evolutionary purposes, taxonomic studies, and phylogenetic inference. A satellite-DNA family is composed of short tandem-repeat DNA sequences (about 180–200 bp in length). They are non-coding sequences making up the heterochromatic parts of the chromosomes of eukaryotic genomes (Elder and Turner, 1995; Ugarkovi and Plohl, 2002). That is, they are located mainly at the centromeres and in subtelomeric regions, although other intercalary locations have also been found.

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