By Philip, Dr. Johnson C. & Cherian, Dr. Saneesh

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This subject is discussed in detail in another portion of this series). Summary: Unlike the major world religions, the Christian faith is firmly rooted in history. There is no way to separate the historical portions from doctrinal ones. Either both of them stand together, or they fall totally. This is why the historical narratives in the Bible have become favorite targets of attack for theological radicals and rationalists. Legal and Historical Apologetics is the answer to these people. History has turned out to be a great friend of the Bible and the Legal and Historical apologetics have turned out to be very strong answers against all objections !

In comparison, most books die after the first edition, and less than ten percent Indian books go into a second edition. The book, due to its persuasive style, and large distribution created quite a confusion among young Christians in India. Similar results are seen when books attacking any other aspect of the Christian faith are published. However, the Christian community has been rising to the occasion and answering all allegations. Summary: The Christian faith and its fundamental principles are so closely intermingled with history in Bible that they cannot be separated in any way.

Some of the Biblical statements can even be misinterpreted today. However, historical investigation furnishes insights into these things, eliminating confusion. 3-Insights Into Languages/Meanings: As mentioned before, Biblical languages are dead today. They are not spoken anywhere. Thus it is difficult for the twentieth century reader to understand all the finer nuances of these languages when they were used by people for whom it was their native language. Historical investigations, however, have produced tens of thousands of writings of all kinds in these languages, enabling linguists to understand vocabulary, word usage, and idioms of these languages more accurately.

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