By Harry Harrison, Brian W. Aldiss

# S1529. an exceptional anthology of thought-provoking speculative fiction. CONTENTS: Credo (James Blish), advent (Harry Harrison), Hawksbill Station (Robert Silverberg), final development (C.C. Shackleton), 1937 A.D.! (John T.Sladek), Fifteen Miles (Ben Bova), Blackmail (Fred Hoyle), The Vine (Kit Reed), Interview with a Lemming (James Thurber), The break of the send John B. (Frank M. Robinson), The Left-Hand method (A. Bertram Chandler), The woodland of Zil (Kris Neville), JFK/Downhill Motor Race (J.G. Ballard), Answering carrier (Fritz Leiber), The final Command (Keith Laumer), replicate of Ice (Gary Wright), lovely Maggie Moneyeyes (Harlan Ellison); Afterword - Knights of the Paper Spaceship (Brian Aldiss). 256 pages.

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The atmospherewas serene,with a slight intellectual drive in it. He combed the copse, returned, walked along the fence, slithered down some rocks which he never remembered seeingbefore, ran into a riclrly. cordial atmospherg skirted a round dewpond, and past a gparled old thorn came face to face with a stinking old man in tatters, who touchedhis forehead and sank on one knee. " and the creature took to his heels. As Roydon stared after him he vanished in mid-stride. A grotesquesight rnet his eyes a few yards further on dorpn the track.

_llhe big man, who looked like a landowner or a businessman, was talking to a squat little fellow who might be a farmer or a lawyer. David I. " "Something queer is going on there-what is itf' "Something decidedly queer is certainly going on therer' said the squat man, who, like the big man, had a whisky in front of him. Roydon cocked his World-Dayeducatedear. "ft seemsthat all Morris's cattle have disap peared there. So bas Midgley's dog. Midgley was walking the Camrthers side and his dog went after rabbie.

He also knew that on this world which could carnr no trare of food he would eventually die, and there was nothing to do but wait. I:[s new world made its painful nrn between the two suns every year; each time the black rock melted and ran like mud and nothing survived unchanged but Candarand it was seventhousand years before he saw his second spaceship. In slxteenyearsof $rvey work he had nevetbecomeusedto it. " Voysey, who was on his secondtrip, kept his eyeson the survey module'scontrols. " He decidedto talk about somethingelse.

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