By Richard Dansky

Baby of sunshine The warrior Dace and his younger cost, Yushuv, have been already at the run from the inquisitors and huntsmen of the world. Now, within the wilds of the Scavenger Lands, they face an ageless, relentless enemy with merely the Unconquered sunlight to assist them Priest of Darkness in additional dire straits nonetheless, the priest Eliezer Wren braves the Underworld itself to flee the Prince of Shadows. yet darkish powers watch for him there, made up our minds to bend him to their will - or holiday him if he refuses.

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Shuddering, he halted, and felt empty air under the toes of his right foot. You cun kurn the ways ofthe Labyrinth. The darkness will be as bright LIS day to your eyes. It was the damned snakes again. They’d followed him since he started walking, whispering suggestions and what they no doubt thought were seductive offers almost constantly. The effect had been almost precisely opposite of what they’d intended. Instead of intrigued or convinced, he’d first become bored, and then annoyed, until finally he’d reached enraged.

Yushuv sat up. ” He shuddered. ” Dace carefully said nothing for a moment, and then handed Yushuv the wineskin. ” 51 & himself. Dace roared with laughter, and after a minute, Yushuv laughed, too. Eventually, Dace found his voice again. “Damn, Yushuv, now I know which part of your lessons I’m neglecting. ” And that set them off into gales of laughter again, which rose up into the night alongside the smoke from their campfire. THOK It was the sound of an arrow burying itself in the ground between Yushuv and Dace.

Patience, little flower,” she told herself, and waited for the lead rider to speak. ”Traal asked roughly. He stared down into the old woman’s face and was surprised to see no fear. Instead, he saw a calm acceptance, one that he found deeply unnerving. To cover his nervousness, he moved his hand to his sword hilt. The woman’s eyes followed his hand, and as her hand rose to her face to undo her veil, he could see that ever so slightly, she was smiling. “You,” she said in carefully modulated tones that spoke of a wealthy upbringing, “are rude.

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