By Jennifer K. Wesely

It's always acknowledged that intercourse sells, yet who will pay the fee? Jennifer Wesely probes the assets and effects of sexualization in women and girls s lives. providing new insights into an everlasting challenge, she files the more and more pervasive and robust nature of raunch tradition and demonstrates how ladies are being sexualized in ways in which are extra severe and harmful than ever earlier than.

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The original parts of Skye slip through cracks in the facade. From across the table, as we have lunch together, I notice traces of brown that are visible behind her blue iris. The darker roots of her platinum color are evident at the scalp. Her skin tone takes on a neon-orange hue. Another young woman, Cory, tells me how at 21 she has already had extensive cosmetic surgery, including hair implants, nose job, cheek implants, chin surgery, breast implants, tummy tuck, and liposuction, costing a grand total of about $30,000.

Levy (2005) points out that what we have given teens are two “wildly divergent messages” (p. 157) in which the girls are to cultivate this hypersexualized image but abstain from actual sex. This reminds me of Rita, mentioned at the beginning of the first chapter, who began stripping with very little real-life sexual experience and yet perfected the simulated sex movements in her stage performance. They live in a candyland of sex . . every magazine stand is a gumdrop castle of breasts, every reality show is a bootylicious Tootsie Roll tree.

Constantly bombarded by images of the young, sexualized female body in advertisements, movies, and television, the average consumer’s attention is maintained only by an amping up of these images. “This has led to an increasingly pornographic media landscape in which the codes and conventions that inform pornography filter down to mainstream imagery to such a degree that the images we now see in mainstream media are almost on a par with those that were found in soft-core porn just a decade ago” (Dines 2009, p.

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