By Munir Hamad

In contrast to many AutoCAD rivals, this e-book covers in basic terms the fundamentals and makes use of combined devices _ inches, meters, ft, kilometers, etc., to demonstrate the myriad drawing and enhancing instruments for this well known software. AutoCAD 2009 necessities comprises 21 workshops, that whole small initiatives from notion via real plotting. fixing all the workshops will simulate the construction of a true existence venture from commencing to finish, with no overlooking any of the fundamental instructions and features in AutoCAD 2009.

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Accept Cartesian coordinates. Introduction to AutoCAD 2009 6. d. Create positive angles that are CCW. is a tool in AutoCAD that allows the user to see all open files in small windows. CHAPTER REVIEW ANSWERS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 17 a Computer Aided Design/Drafting a b b Quick View Drawings Chapter 2 DRAFTING USING AUTOCAD 2009 In This Chapter š Line command, and two precision methods š Arc and Circle commands š Object snap (OSNAP) š Object Tracking (OTRACK) š Pline command š Polar Tracking (POLAR) š Erase, and basic selecting methods INTRODUCTION ƒ ƒ ƒ In drafting, the two most important things are precision and speed.

Snap is the only tool in AutoCAD that can help us control the movement of the mouse. 22 AutoCAD 2009 Essentials ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ On the Status Bar, click the Snap Mode button. Now move to the Graphical area and watch the mouse jump to exact points. The Grid will show a grid of points on the screen similar to grid paper, which is used in drawing diagrams (these points are not real points). A grid by itself is not accurate, but is a helpful tool to use with Snap. On the status bar, click the GRID button.

5. Draw the four circles while specifying the center using OSNAP and OTRACK. 25 6. Save the file and close it. PLINE COMMAND ƒ ƒ Pline means Polyline and Poly means many. So, if you exchange many with poly, the new name would be many lines. To begin, let’s compare the Line command and the Polyline command. Line Polyline Each segment is an object One object with vertices Lines only Lines and arcs No width Variable width for start and finish 38 AutoCAD 2009 Essentials • As you can see from the comparison there are mainly three differences between the two commands.

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