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The AutoCAD® 2016 replace for AutoCAD® 2014 & 2015 Users education consultant teaches the hot and more advantageous gains brought within the AutoCAD® 2015 and 2016 software program. themes coated diversity from common advancements and command improvements to 3D modeling and collaboration enhancements.

Among the numerous adjustments during this generation are the overall interface parts together with: begin Tab, tab and panel improvements, Autodesk® A360 collaboration, and aid. There are numerous updates to instructions, similar to dimensions, and numerous 3D instruments, akin to element Clouds, Rendering, and enhancing previews.

Topics covered

  • Interface enhancements
  • Command preview improvements for the mix, Erase, Rotate, Scale, and Stretch commands.
  • Dimension enhancements
  • Point Cloud enhancements
  • Rendering enhancements
  • Customization updates within the Cloud
  • Design Feed palette
  • A alternate enhancements
  • Direct entry to A360 (Cloud)

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Example text

The dimension line is placed parallel to the line between the two points, as shown in Figure 2–4. Dimension Linear Aligned Ribbon: Annotate tab>Dimensions panel or Home tab>Annotation panel Command Prompt: dim or dimlinear or dimaligned • 2–4 The AutoCAD software determines the linear orientation (horizontal, vertical, or aligned) based on the selected object or where you select the point for the dimension line location. © 2015, ASCENT - Center for Technical Knowledge® Drawing Documentation How To: Add Linear and Aligned Dimensions 1.

5. Move the cursor to rotate the objects. A dashed line indicates the location of the base point. displays at the cursor, indicating that the Rotate command is active, as shown in Figure 1–23. It also indicates the direction in which typed values are going to be rotated, in this case, counter-clockwise. The original objects fade to gray while the new objects maintain their original properties. Type an angle value Rotated object Figure 1–23 1–16 © 2015, ASCENT - Center for Technical Knowledge® User Interface Scale The Scale command enlarges or reduces the size of selected objects around a defined reference point.

Select a point for the second extension line origin. Select a point to place the dimension line. Hint: Oblique Extension Lines If you want the extension lines of a linear dimension to be at an angle, you can click (Oblique) in the Annotate tab> expanded Dimensions panel, to angle the lines. Adding a Break in a Linear or Aligned Dimension In some cases, you need to have a dimension with a break because the length of the dimension is too long to display on a sheet, as shown in Figure 2–5. Figure 2–5 Dimjogline Ribbon: Annotate tab>Dimensions panel Command Prompt: dimjogline © 2015, ASCENT - Center for Technical Knowledge® 2–5 AutoCAD 2016 Update for AutoCAD 2014 & 2015 Users How To: Create a Jogged Linear Dimension 1.

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