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AutoCAD 2015 For Beginners is written to assist an entire amateur to profit AutoCAD fundamentals. the writer courses readers to create 2nd drawings and 3D types with assistance from short factors and step by step examples. This publication begins with the advent to Microsoft Windows-based consumer interface, second drawings, organizing and reusing information, plotting, and 3D modeling. moreover, there's a separate bankruptcy on 2nd Architectural drawings.

Table of Contents

1. advent to AutoCAD

2. Drawing fundamentals

3. Drawing Aids

4. modifying instruments

5. Multi View Drawings

6. Dimensions and Annotations

7. Parametric instruments

8. part perspectives

9. Blocks, Attributes and Xrefs

10. Layouts & Annotative Objects

11. Templates and Plotting

12. 3D Modeling Basics

13. strong modifying & producing 2nd views

14. growing Architectural Drawings

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It can be used to create two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) models of products. These models can be transferred to other computer programs for further analysis and testing. In addition, you can convert these computer models into numerical data. This numerical data can be used in manufacturing equipment such as machining centers, lathes, mills, or rapid prototyping machines to manufacture the product. AutoCAD is one of the first CAD software packages. It was introduced in the year 1982.

Example 3 (Start, End, Direction) Use the Line tool and create the drawing shown in figure below. The dimensions are also given in the figure. Click Home > Draw > Arc > Start, End, Direction on the ribbon. Select the start and end points of the arc as shown in figure. Move the pointer vertically downward and click to specify the direction. Likewise, create another arc. Drawing Polylines A Polyline is a single object that consists of line segments and arcs. It is more versatile than a line as you can assign a width to it.

DISTANTLIGHT Used to create distant light. DIVIDE DIV Places evenly spaced objects on a line segment DONUT DO Used to create a donut. DVIEW Used to get the aerial view of a drawing. DXBIN Used to open a DXB file. DXFIN Used to open a DXF file. DXFOUT Used to save a file in DXF format. ELLIPSE EL Used to create an ellipse. ERASE E Used to erase objects. EXIT Used to close AutoCAD. EXPLODE X Used to explode or ungroup objects. EXPLORER Displays Windows Explorer. EXPORT EXP Used to export data. EXTEND EX Used to extend an object up to another.

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