By Fred Reinfeld

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Capablanca's winning procedure (after 30 . Rf6-f7) could be 31 b3-b4, threatening t o win a Pawn by 32 b4-b5, or 31 Ke2-dB followed by 32 Kd3-d4, in preparation for the Pawn push. Actually threatening (believe it or not1 mate on the move! Such is the power of an aggres. sive Rook! 31 Ke2xf3 Rf6+f7 39 Ra6-a2 Rb7-g7 32 33 Kf3-e2 Ke6-d6 40 Kd4-d3! Rg2xa2 b3-b4 Rc7*b7 34 h4-h5 41 Ralxa2 Rg7-e7 There i s no hope in 41 . . Rg7-gl 42 Ra2-a6! Rgl - d l + 43 Kd3-c2 R d l - h l 44 M - b 5 R h l x h 5 45 Ra6xc6t Yd6-d7 46 Rc6-a6.

14 ... Qh4-g4 I5 Be5xf6 Qg4xf3 , Capablanca has managed t o leave himself with the more active Rooks, and three Pawn islands (as h e so aptly named them) against four of his opponent's. Ending 13 Position after 16 .. ~ 7 x f 6 Kupchik \, Obviously, 9 . . Nf6xe4 i s fatal after 10 R f l - e l followed by 1 1 f2-f3. Page 46 Necessary, i n view of the threat of 14 Be5xf6 followed by 15 Nd3-cS, winning- a couple of Pawns. Zxd3 Capablanca to move White's positional advantage consists of his control of the open King file, the greater mobility of his pieces, and the superior Pawn position.

I am confident (says Chernev) that 44 b4-b5 would have been marked as the winning move by all other annotators, had not Capablanda himself said that the move was weak, and should have been replaced by 44 Rg5-97. At last! Black wakes up t o the fact that the Rook must be aggresive in the endgame! 46 Position after 43. Page 48 .. RM-f6 Rg5-g7 RfS-a8+ Natural enough, but it loses. The Game 14 last drawing chance (if any) was offered by 53. . Rf2-b2+ 54 Kb4-c3 Rb2-h2 55 Re7xe6 Kb8-a7 56 h5-h6 Ka7-b6.

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