By Linda Schreiber

This can be approximately fifty five atari programing laptop.

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A string or array can only be dimensioned once in a program. Remove any lines that try to redimension an array or string. 23 24 Error Message and Correction 10 Argument Stack Overf1ow. The program contains too many GOSUB commands without any corresponding return commands . Consolidate subroutines as much as possible. 11 Floating Point OverflowlUnderflow Error. The program attempted to divide by 0 or the number it is trying to store is too large or small. Check and correct routines for correct computations.

Line 480 turns th e cursor back on. MOVING WORDS Line 490 ends th e program. The message should be on the screen, along with th e ready prompt. Although this program only moved letters across the screen, using this technique of printing and erasing you can make graphics created with graphics characters move across the screen. 45 Chapter 8 Getting the Answers At times a value the program needs will change each time the program is run. Sometimes a new value will be entered by the computer user, other times the programmer wants the computer to use a different value that the computer arrives at from prior computation The computer needs to be able to keep track of the value by storing it in a place in memory so the computer can recall the value when it needs to.

Line 50 assigns the length variable the value of 30 and width variable the value of 7. Names can also be used as variables. Line 60 prints a message on th e screen. Since the value of the variable will be used on the same line, a semicolon is placed after the quotation mark. A space is placed before the quotation 46 Fig. 8-1. Flowchart for Listing 8-1 . SET VARIABLES TO 10, 15, AND 20 Listing 8-1. SCHREIBER FOR TAB BOOKS 40 ? l}clear}":REM CLEAR SCREEN 50 A=10:REM THE VARIABLE 'A' WILL BE 10 60 B=15:REM THE VARIABLE 'B' WILL BE 15 70 C=20:REM THE VARIABLE 'C ' WILL BE 20 80 ?

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