By Michael McCollum

After a century of war, humanity ultimately chanced on the Achilles heel of the Ryall, their xenophobic reptilian foe. Spica – Alpha Virginis – is the most important famous person procedure in enemy house. it's the hub in which all Ryall starships needs to go, and if humanity can purely trap and carry it, they are going to strangle the Ryall conflict computer and finish their probability to humankind forever.
It all appeared so easy within the desktop simulations: develop through stealth, assault unexpectedly, strike rapidly with overwhelming energy. regrettably, conquering the Ryall proves the simple half. With the foremost to victory in hand, Richard and Bethany Drake notice that they have to additionally overcome human nature in the event that they are to carry down the alien foe …

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The phase of their targetmoonwas nearing full in Dogpatch’s sky,which placed it beyondthe planet. Thatrequired the fleet to sweep close bythe planet to get to their objective. Any other approach would have added days to their maneuvering time. ” “No, sir. ” “No doubt armed with every missile the Ryall can scrape up. ” “Saratoga’s captain acknowledges, Admiral. He is moving into firing position. “Correction. Saratogahas been holed by a PDC laser. Two sections are open to space. ” Poledoris uttered a curse under his breath.

He tried again… The order he gave was the most difficult of his entire life. # Chapter 11 BlastshipRoyal Avenger hovered motionless in space with every sensor at maximum and all weapons hot and ready to fire. Nearby, dozens of other ships did likewise. The mad dash across the system had been over for more than three days. Since they had arrived at the Spica-Darthan Foldpoint, all they could do was watch and wait, straining eyes and sensors into the blackness, waiting for the first sign of an enemy that was sure to come.

It usually took a few weeks for them to settle down and treat him as they would any officer. He decided that it was time to alleviate the tension, not only of this Sandarian farm boy, but also of several others within earshot, some of whom were veterans who should have known better. “They’ll be here soon enough, Simon,” he answered louder than necessary, using Spacer Cadwallader’s first name to put him at ease — at least as at ease as it is possible to be while waiting to be killed. “Remember, that star system beyond the foldpoint is as large as our own Hellsgate, and it has an even larger collection of planets.

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