By Cesare Rossi

This publication describes innovations and designs of old engineers which are the precursors of the current. The a while in general diversity from three hundred B.C. to 1600 A.D. with a few exceptions from earlier than and after this era.

As for the very historical ones, the publication describes innovations (documented via archaeological unearths ordinarily from Pompei, Ercolano and Stabia) that normally are little or no recognized and occasionally no longer recognized in any respect. a few innovations are within the army box. it is because (unfortunately) many innovations and technological techniques were conceived ranging from army applications.

The e-book is split into 5 parts.

The first 4 elements pertain to yes fields and current innovations regularly conceived as much as the past due Roman Empire. innovations which are consultant of the engineering genius of the ancients and which may be regarded as milestones, each one of their respective field.

The 5th half refers to fields of engineering (such as textiles and automation) within which vital options have been conceived additionally in additional contemporary centuries.

For all the innovations awarded, even the traditional ones of many centuries previous, the authors offer 3 components of study and reference:

Written records (the classics)

Iconic references (coins, bas-reliefs, etc.)

Archaeological findings.

The goal teams of the booklet are scholars and students with curiosity on heritage of Mechanical Engineering in Antiquity and Archaelogy.

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