By Irving Chernev

A call for participation to Chess is likely to be the main profitable chess publication ever written, with revenues of over 100,000. it's a uncomplicated novices booklet, beginning with the strikes of the items and quickly advancing to extra advanced difficulties and examples.

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In many chess clubs,. t�rapid trarl sit,, or chess�� tournament� «lightning lowed ten seconds for each in which the players and move few minutes! HOW THE GAME IS a game are al· lasts only· a P I AY E D .. At this stage,. we ca11 describe the procedure only· ii1 gen­ terms. The player \vitl1 the white pieces always starts eral he makes the opening first; m ove . and the At pass his m ove . ture of his pieces required to one At the Captures inform beginning to or to n ot are co1npt1lsot)'� your at next tl1rn.

In this diagran1 of the starting line-up, the chessboard is divided into two s ection s by the heavy line drawn do\vn the middle of the board. The area to the left of this line is called the "'Queen,s siden of the board and the men in this area are known as Queen-side pieces. t is called the ('King's side'> and the men in this are a a1·e King-side pieces. looks, t\vo Knights and t\vo B ish ops. These pieces, on the Queen's side, are called the Queen-Rook, Queen-Knight and Queen-Bishop The corresponding pieces on the King's side are called the King-Rook,.

A �'discovered check�� is accomplished by making a move which ·unmasks an attack on the King by another piece. A £<;double check'� is a simultaneous attack on the King by two pieces. The player checks the King with one piece and releases a discovered check by another piece. I The King is in the line of capture of the Queeu . He is tI1ere� fore in cl1eck. In this case tl1e Queen is attacking diagonally" like a Bishop4 28 2 North1 TI1c Rook moves South, East or West. subject to cap· ture by the B ishopw T'hc Bish op m oves a11d cap tures diagonally.

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