By Igor Smirnov

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You should start attacking another weakness (perhaps on another side of the board). Your opponent has to use some pieces to keep control over your passed pawn. If you start an attack on another side of the board, you will be able to easily get an advantage there. You can use all your pieces there, while your opponent – only a part of them. That’s why the 2nd plan is very effective. Here You Should Not Hurry Up With Advancement Of Your Passed Pawn This threat will always keep your opponent under pressure, and you may wait for the most favorable situation for you.

When you have only a few pieces on the board, you should place a queen into a center. 56 As you know a queen can attack in many different directions. Therefore you should try to create a lot of weaknesses in an opponent’s position. Then you’ll be able to use the full power of your queen. In The Endgame You Should Use Your Queen To: Attack opponent’s weak pawns Support your passed pawns Attack an opponent’s king (make checks) Ideally, your queen should do all these things simultaneously! De Vreugt D.

Black: Kh7, Rb7, Rd3, Pawns: b6, c5, f7. It’sWhite’s Turn If you know that 2 connected passed pawns are stronger than a rook, you should easily find the white’s combination. e6. 33 XABCDEFGHY 8-+-+-+-+( 7+-+-+r+k' 6-zp-zPP+-+& 5+-zp-+-+P% 4-+-+-+-+$ 3+-+r+-zP-# 2-tR-+-zPK+" 1+-+-+-+-! xabcdefghy Black has 2 rooks against the white’s passed pawns, but he can’t stop them anyway. d7 white is threatening e7. Rb6 and black has no defense against the maneuver Rc6-c8 promoting the new queen then. Let’s go back.

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