By M. Gail Hamner

Hamner seeks to find what makes pragmatism uniquely American. She argues that the inextricably American personality of pragmatism of such figures as C.S. Peirce and William James lies in its frequently understated confirmation of the United States as a uniquely non secular nation with a God-given project and populated by way of God-fearing citizens.

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That psychology, in adopting the experimental methods of physiology, does not by any means take them over as they are, and apply them without change to a new material. 4 Wundt here emphasizes psychology's simultaneous reliance on and independence from physiology. He enjoins his scientific peers to regard psychology as a science (as opposed to a philosophy) since it relies as much as does physiology upon the experimental method. Nonetheless, Wundt does not apply “science” wholesale, but adjusts the term to the particular exigencies of studying human minds.

The three semiotic issues of iconicity, relationality, and effective navigation of thought and action are also important for Peirce and James, especially by virtue of the nominalism/realism debate. 57 James restricts the notion of sign to language and is consistently nominalist regarding its use and development. Second, in terms of relationality, the keystone of Peirce's whole philosophy is his logic of relatives, which posits relations as more fundamental than substance and which draws upon his antinominalist assertion of the reality of possibles to construct his theory of continuity, or synechism.

Understanding of it is not inherited, since for a German child who was brought up amongst Frenchmen and has never heard German spoken, German is a foreign language. The child becomes acquainted with the meaning of the words and sentences only through examples of their use. 44 The language a person speaks is arbitrary, Helmholtz asserts, dependent on place and circumstance. ” Why does “cow” mean cow and not horse? There is no reason; language just happened to evolve in this way, and it could have developed in many other, equally useful ways.

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