By NB VanYoos

From l. a. drug broker to hero of an alien global, the Universe should have a feeling of humor. Tyler Jensen, an earthling misplaced within the cosmos, struggles to appreciate the technologically complex international whose hero he has inadvertently develop into. Posing because the perfect Commander of the planet?s fleet, Tyler needs to quick study the murky alliances of the army to be triumphant opposed to their neighboring enemy. Will Tyler?s naivet? doom the warring global or can he navigate the political trappings of the Admiral?s international to overcome one other?

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Still … he was no expert on African animals, or any animals for that matter. He didn’t even know that much about dogs and cats. This could be something from Africa, or even South America, but he couldn’t be sure. He watched the animal stop as it became alert. For a brief moment, Tyler thought the animal had somehow detected him, but he brushed that notion aside as the unusual animal sniffed the air, scanning cautiously. It stood frozen for a long time, and Tyler was ready to leave. As sudden as it stopped, it began moving up the beach.

Like America, he assumed people congregated along the coastline, where the oceans provided life. With a sigh of regret, he thought back to California, the beaches, and Linda. He’d never moved at this level, but figured the mode of transportation must be similar to the other transitions he’d made to get here. He spotted a hillside on the distant horizon and made his move. In an instant he was hovering above the gentle slope, noting it ended in steep cliffs falling off into a deep gorge. The cavernous gorge stretched far to the north and south, looking like it was carved out of the landscape by a massive earthquake.

A light cool breeze blew in across the fields, bringing the rich smell of tilled soil and earthy crops. Uncle Sal let him absorb the surroundings before speaking. “I created this world billions of years ago. I was determined to create a peaceful world rich in diversity and abundant with resources. The weather on this planet is moderate from pole to pole, a challenge to get right. ” He pointed to the village. “Those structures were built by one of several intelligent creatures that evolved on this world.

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