By Pamela Sargent George Zebrowski

The Hawking left Earth through the twenty first Century on a one-way project to colonize a far off international. because of the relativistic results of pre-warp trip, it is workforce has elderly simply thirty years whereas centuries have handed outdoor the send. while the Starship firm™ involves the rescue of the malfunctioning Hawking, the colonists locate themselves thrust right into a universe and an period that has left them at the back of. Captain Kirk intends to aid the colonists modify as most sensible he can, however the job isn't an easy one. The beginners are survivors of a extra violent, extra paranoid time -- and the have introduced previous suspicions, and an old weapon of mass destruction, right into a global of unforeseen demanding situations and risks.

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Most of us knew, for one reason or another, that there was no future for any of us there. " "As you wish," Kirk said, "but rest assured that Earth now is a much, much better place than the one you left behind. " "Oh, I'm sure he will," Emo Tannan said from behind Kirk, and the captain heard a tone of sarcasm and bitterness in the man's voice. " McCoy studied his tricorder readings. "No more signs of that respiratory infection you had when you came aboard, Captain Cortes. You've completely recovered from that" Cortes grimaced.

Chekov was still wondering if he could believe everything his ancestor had told him. Leander Cortes was sitting up on a biobed, getting scanned by Dr. McCoy, when Kirk entered sickbay. Several other people from the Hawking lay on beds near their captain. A few people were resting; others held small portable viewscreens. Chekov's relative, Dmitri Glakov, sat at a small table playing chess with another man. A woman on a biobed in one corner was talking to Ilsa Soong. During the week that Cortes's people had been aboard, Kirk had familiarized himself with the names of most of them.

Cortes wondered. He had been ill for so long; would he ever be well again? Then he closed his eyes and let himself sink into unconsciousness again, and dreamed of his deliverance from death. Chapter Two JAMES KIRK leaned forward and rested his arms on the table top. Except for Dr. McCoy, all of the officers he had summoned to the briefing room were present. Since Ilsa Soong, one of the other medical officers, was already seated at the table, Kirk decided not to wait for McCoy. "Dr. " "All of the people from the Hawking are resting now," Lieutenant Commander Soong said.

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