By Duygu Köksal

In "A Social historical past of the past due Ottoman Women," Duygu Koksal and Anastasia Falierou compile new learn on girls of alternative geographies and groups of the past due Ottoman Empire focusing rather at the ways that ladies received strength and exercised agency."

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Part One Women as Economic Actors: Class, Work, and Social Issues Chapter One Theater as Career for Ottoman Armenian Women, 1850 to 1910 Hasmik Khalapyan Theater has always been a space where gender roles valid for the rest of the society could be abandoned. ”1 While the notion of ‘complete freedom’ needs problematizing, in the history of Ottoman Armenian women’s labor from the mid-nineteenth to the early twentieth century, as a career choice acting did present a rather non-standard case. This paper conceptualizes acting as a profession for Armenian women against the background of the existing job market for women, on the one hand, and contemporary perceptions of gender norms, on the other.

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Women in Late Ottoman Intellectual History,” in The Late Ottoman Society Intellectual Legacy, edited by Elisabeth Özdalga. London and New York: Routledge, 2005. ——. ” Critical Matrix 9, no. 2 (1995), 55–90. introduction 25 Göçek, Fatma Müge and Marc David Baer. “Social Boundaries of Ottoman Women’s Experiences in 18th Century Galata Court Records,” in Women in the Ottoman Empire, Middle Eastern Women in the Early Modern Era, edited by Madeline Zilfi, 48–65. Leiden and New York: Brill, 1997.

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