By Keith R. A. DeCandido

The form of items to come back The cataclysmic occasions of big name Trek: future have devastated recognized area. Worlds have fallen. Lives were destroyed. And within the uneasy weeks that keep on with, the survivors of the holocaust remain established to the boundaries in their patience. yet unusual and mysterious occurrences are destabilizing the galaxy's battle-weary Allies even extra. within the Federation, efforts to fill up lowered assets and provides succor to hundreds of thousands of evacuees are thwarted at each flip. at the borders of the battered Klingon Empire, the devious Kinshaya experience weak spot -- and chance. In Romulan house, the already-fractured empire is dangerously with regards to civil struggle. As occasions undermining the quadrant's makes an attempt to heal itself develop into more and more common, one guy starts to appreciate what's really unfolding. Sonek Pran -- instructor, diplomat, and someday adviser to the Federation President -- perceives a trend within the seeming randomness. And as every one new piece of facts falls into position, a worrying photograph encompassing part the galaxy starts off to take shape...revealing a problem to the Federation and its allies completely not like whatever they've got confronted prior to.

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How stupid is that? To go away from my wife and daughter for a month over curtains? I knew the Borg were starting to attack the Federation, but I managed to get a seat on a transport. They hadn’t attacked anywhere near Deneva or Wrigley’s. Everything should’ve been fine. I stood there in the lobby of the hotel, along with everyone else, watching FNS, hearing about the destruction. I saw the feed from Deneva. I tried to get home. It took months, and all I found was a pile of ash where our home—where the city we lived in—used to be.

A buzzing noise came from the other side of the door. Lucy went to the door, which slid open to reveal Lin Song, the planetary transportation minister. Normally Lin’s job was to make sure the aircars didn’t crash into each other and that the transporters all functioned, but recently his job had gotten considerably more complicated. Cestus III was, miraculously, never hit by the Borg. It had become a designated refugee center, partly due to its not being in the line of fire, partly due to having refugee procedures already in place.

It took months, and all I found was a pile of ash where our home—where the city we lived in—used to be. All our other friends, what little family either of us had left—all dead. I checked myself into a hospital on P’Jem, but it hasn’t done me any good. I should’ve been with them. Or maybe they should have left and I should have died. Either way, though, I can’t live with the guilt. I can’t live with the sheer stupidity of it all. Elia and Penelope didn’t deserve to die. I do. So I’m ending it all.

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