By Paul Newman

This updated quantity, the 1st Hausa-English dictionary released in 1 / 4 of a century, is written with language novices and sensible clients in brain. With over 10,000 entries, it basically covers normal Nigerian Hausa but additionally comprises a number of varieties from Niger and different dialect components of Nigeria.

The dictionary comprises new Hausa terminology for items, occasions, and actions of the fashionable international. Its definitions convey using Hausa phrases in context, and specific consciousness is paid to idioms, figurative meanings, and precise usages. As a consultant to pronunciation, headwords and illustrative sentences are absolutely marked for tone and vowel size. The ebook adopts a different method of the presentation of verb types that clarifies lexical relationships and their right usage.


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Adoption by baptism. Being godfather or godmother to a child. The child by baptism is your godchild. Adoption by hair. Cutting off your hair, and giving it to a person in proof that you receive him as your adopted father. , who adopted him. Adoption Controversy Elipand, Archbishop of Toledo, and Felix, Bishop of Urgel, maintained that Jesus Christ in his human nature was the son of God by adoption only (Rom. viii. 29), though in his pre—existing state he was the “begotten Son of God” in the ordinary catholic acceptation.

See Bion's Lament for Adonis. Adonies Feasts of Adonis, celebrated in Assyria, Alexandria, Egypt, Judea, Persia, Cyprus, and all Greece, for eight days. Lucian gives a long description of them. In these feasts wheat, flowers, herbs, fruits, and branches of trees were carried in procession, and thrown into the sea or some fountain. Adonis Dictionary of Phrase and Fable 35 Dictionary of Phrase and Fable Abeautiful boy. The allusion is to Adonis, who was beloved by Venus, and was killed by a boar while hunting.

L); Xerxes (Esther); and Cambyses (Ezra iv. 6). , Persian, Khshayarsha; and the Greek, Xerxes; the Sanskrit root Kshi means “to rule,” Kshathra (Zend Ksathra), a king. , blows in the direction towards which the ship's head points; in front. , towards the stern) it is said to be astern. When one ship is ahead of another, it is before it, or further advanced. “Ahead of his class,” means at the head. Ahead in a race, means before the rest of the runners. To go ahead is to go on without hesitation, as a ship runs ahead of another.

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