By Ted Daniels

The method of the yr 2000 has made the learn of apocalyptic pursuits fashionable. yet teams waiting for the top of the area will proceed to foretell Armageddon even after the calendar clicks to triple 0s.

A Doomsday Reader brings jointly pronouncements, edicts, and scriptures written through sought after apocalyptic events from quite a lot of traditions and ideologies to provide an excellent investigate their trust systems.

Focused on achieving paradise, millenarianism usually anticipates nice, cosmic switch. whereas so much consider spiritual trust as motivating such fervor, Daniels' comparative technique encompasses secular routine reminiscent of environmentalism and the Montana Freemen, and argues that such teams are usually extra political than non secular in nature.

The ebook comprises records from teams equivalent to the department Davidians, the Order of the sunlight Temple, Heaven's Gate, and white supremacists. every one rfile is preceded through a important advent putting the circulate and its ideals in context.

This vital evaluation of up to date politics of the top will stay a worthy source lengthy after the yr 2000 has come and gone.

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By defeating Israel, its enemies carried out Yahweh’s plan. There was no possibility that they had defeated Yahweh. 12 All failures of the Israelites to thrive were the result, never of Yahweh’s failure, but of royal idolatry, especially in the past. For example, Solomon let his wives introduce “heathen” worship to his palace. That was why Israel fell to the Assyrians. This mode of explanation alone could account for the sufferings endured by a people who were the Elect of the Most High God, in fact, the only God.

In the combat that follows, Ahura-Mazda will defeat the forces of evil with the help of his kusti, a ritual sash apparently similar to the Jewish tallis. Judaism Yahweh seems to have begun as a tribal god for the Hebrews, their defender against supernatural and human enemies. Like Ba’al, however, Yahweh was subordinate to El, the local high god. Psalm 74 describes Yahweh as a conqueror of sea monsters, like Marduk and Ba’al, and Isaiah foretells Yahweh coming again to punish the monster Leviathan.

Hinduism has an eschatological text called the Divya Maha Kala Jñana. Literally this means The Divine Knowledge of Time, though “Gnosis” might be a better word than “knowledge” to translate Jñana. This scripture is said to have been composed about a thousand years ago by Jagad Guru Srimad Virat Potaluru Veera Brahmendra Maha Swami, who lived in what is now Andhra Pradesh, India. Brahmendra recited his text to a number of people, who later recorded what he said. He also wrote poetic versions of the story himself.

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