By Vincent Barrett Price

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"With surpassing ability, Shiner creates a milieu of corruption, decay, and supreme redemption--populated with a solid precious of Robert Stone. This savagely written novel is a complete unique. " --James Ellroy, writer of l. a. exclusive Years in the past, Eddie Yates disappeared into the rainforests of the Yucatan, a burned-out visionary looking for cosmic fact.

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Because the starting of time, the angelic forces of the excessive Heavens and the demonic hordes of the Burning Hells were locked within the everlasting clash for the destiny of all construction. That fight has now spilled over into Sanctuary -- the realm of guys. made up our minds to win mankind over to their respective explanations, the forces of fine and evil salary a mystery warfare for mortal souls.

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Disrespectful, unloving change, which is not a part of a process of continuing transformation but an abrupt disconnection with the past, destroys local character and identity. "Transformation is a part of life . . " This is how Santa Clara Pueblo architect and art historian Rina Swentzell describes the Pueblo Indian view of change. "When you leave behind the past it is detrimental not just to yourself but to the world at large. " 1 Modern Albuquerque has much to learn about survival and self-respect from its Pueblo neighbors.

It is not necessarily one of the shiny new financial touchstones of the American West. The city cannot escape its New Mexican context. " Because of Albuquerque's similar status as a ''developing" city, it has always been ripe for exploitation and colonization, but it's also been tough on fast movers and shakers. It resists change, breaks confidence, and then suddenly leaps ahead. 10 If John Naisbitt missed New Mexico, it should be no surprise either that mainstream East Coast architectural writer Robert A.

It is based on this ancient urban tradition that Albuquerque can make its claim to being the longest continually inhabited major urban area in North America. Page 13 In 1598, the Spanish moved into what is now New Mexico, not only as explorers but as settlers and missionaries. Although native peoples had been disrupted when the Spanish first explored the area some sixty years before, the arrival of Juan de Oñate and his followers signaled the first permanent infusion of European civilization north of Mexico.

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