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A long chapter can be written on the different ways in which men lose themselves in their conjectures. Innumerable examples of this are not wanting, and all because they have suffered themselves to be hurried away and thus to be This arising precipitate in drawing their conclusions. The part that the General, whether in Chess-play or in has to act, always is more difficult because he Warfare, must not permit himself the least mistake, but is bound to behave with prudence and sagacity throughout a long series of intricate processes.

Concealed causes, In such situations, how puerile are the projects even by a veil of is To him, as much as to the future the hidden; he knows not what shall tyro, next move. How then may he even on the happen, foresee those situations which secondary causes later of the greatest Strategist. is may produce? Circumstances most often oblige him to act contrary to his wishes; part of and in the flux and reflux of fortune, it is the prudence to conform to system and to act with consistency. It is impossible to foresee all events.

He possesses talent without ambition and serves the state without regard to his own interest. At the head of the army, he contents himself with restoring disWhen addressing the cipline and beating the enemy. assembly, he is equally unmoved by the disapprobation or the applause of the multitude. " We laugh at his singularities and we have discovered an admirable tempt. He secret for is the revenging ourselves for his cononly general we have left but we do not is the most upright and perhaps the most our counsellors but we do not listen to him.

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