I am the Chief Custodial Technician at Rent Application, a former options trader & passionate QBASIC developer. I like country music, bourbon, Words With Friends, ice cream, Crossfit, Louis CK, and Zooey Deschanel.

Work Hard, Not Smart

If you have to pick between working hard OR working smart, work hard. Of course, you don’t have to pick. But our culture has an idealized working smart as an alternative to working hard (which is a stupid), so a lot of people believe you have to choose. Obviously, working smart is better than working … Continued

Starting A Coworking Space

I think I might be starting a coworking space. 1950 sq feet. Not a big coworking space, just a cool place to work in a great location, with hopefully people I like working around. Nothing set in stone yet, but this might be fun.

Sunk Costs & Making Decisions

I work in a small company.  I have worked for bigger companies. Decision making processes at our small company often seem very different from decision making in larger organizations. A colleague recently asked me: How difficult it is to change now that [someone] has done so much work? I’d love to [change feature X] but … Continued