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Unsupported extension: LambdaCase (Haskell, Cabal)

If you landed here, you are probably new to Haskell and somehow ran into this error message while installing something using cabal: “Unsupported extension: LambdaCase” You’re probably using a version of Haskell that’s too old (like whatever came on your default *nix installation). LambdaCase was added in 7.6.1. It is a purely syntactic extension. You … Continued

Which Problems To Solve First In Real Estate Tech

In response to a previous post I wrote about why real estate is an attractive industry for tech founders, Phil Lang of Suitey responded with why real estate tech is actually not that great a choice¬†(HN comments). This is the response I wrote, which was too long for HN. Generally: Clumping “real estate” as a … Continued

Why Real Estate Tech Is So Attractive For Founders

Why I think real estate tech is one of the most attractive spaces: 1. We have EASIER problems to solve. People are still doing things with pen and paper or impossible to manage excel solutions. online and mobile is a huge win for operators and they have mostly the same needs. there are very few … Continued